Press Clipping
Sonia Aimy

Nigerian Spirit is an original jazz album by Sonia Aimy, whose musical career draws upon her childhood in Nigeria, her performances in jazz and theater in Italy, and her current career in Ontario. The music expresses her anger and sorrow at the suffering that has befallen Africa - including the unchecked depredations of Boko Haram, the horrific toll of war in Somalia, and the drowning deaths of refugees struggling to flee to Europe. Nigerian Spirit is soulful, evocative, and highly recommended especially for world music collections. The tracks are "Light My Way Mother" (4:47), "Chotima" (4:20), "Nigerian Spirit" (5:51), "Voices of Orisa" (4:42), "Dreaming" (4:11), "A Dream for Somaliya" (4:52), "Ase'" (5:46), "Lampedusa" (4:42), "Husband in Canada" (4:36), "Ase' Radio Edit" (5:00) and "Nigerian Spirit - Radio Edit" (4:59).